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  • 7 ways to deal with a cheating boyfriend

    In this 21st century, Women face a lot in the hands of men when it comes to Commitment, love, emotions, marriages and also relationships. If a man or a woman is cheating on their partners, It’s best to confront him/her or end the relationship if you feel you can’t continue with it.   There are some situations whereby after confronting your partner, he/she ends up going back to that same mistake.   No relationship, marriages…

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  • 10 signs your Boyfriend is Using you and not Interested in You

    When a man was one attracted to you and ends up ghosting you like you don’t exist its always natural to feel bad about this because relationships are not forever. There are a lot of ways to tell if a guy is not Interested in you but using you.    1. Lack of communication   This is one of the Problem of relationships nowadays, If he is the type of man that calls you, texts…

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  • 10 best oils to boost your Natural hair growth in 2022 (Photos)

    In the African World, there are two types of Hair, we have the Natural hair (Virgin hair) and the relaxed hair (Straightened). African Natural hair has always been the most trending hair in the world due to the spongy look in which it can be styled in different ways. The Word “Natural hair” it’s a hair that hasn’t undergone any chemical substances such as Relaxers. The Relaxers are used to Straighten Stubborn hairs Including the…

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