Man surprises his mother with a Cake and 500 notes to celebrate her birthday (Video)

Mummies are the strongest person in everyone’s life, They have been through tough and hard things just to raise their children and make them have a better life and future. 

A Mum can never trade the love she has for her children for anyone, They are the pillar of their kids life and they all deserve accolades at all times.
In a video shared on Tiktok, a Young man stormed his mother’s shop as he brought Bluetooth MP Player, surprises her with Wads of cash, cake and also had a bottle of wine with him while the music in the background was playing.
After arriving to her place with happiness, He presented the cake to his mother before handing her a Bouquet of Flower.
Happily, His mom danced and blow a smile.
Watch the video below……..
@augustinranking168My love 🥰😘❤️🔐💝💖💗💓♬ My mom – olorunwa

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