I want a baby sister- Little boy who arrived from school cried onto his mother, social media users reacts (Video)

Most kids wants siblings while some don’t want…. Its vice versa.
In the video shared on Tiktok, A Little boy was seen crying and lamenting hardly on how he wants a baby brother or sister badly.
This revelation comes after he came back from school only to burst in tears to spill his heart to his mom.
The mom also asked her son if they had done something bad to him in school, but unfortunately the little boy was so emotional to answer as he only demanded for a sibling.
Watch the video below……
@derafrancis468 Kids can really make one so emotional This Cute kid refused to be consoled because he wanted a Baby brother or a baby sister#deraofotown #fruitfulwomenpray #fyp #mustbeviral #kids ♬ original sound – EVERYTHING ANNY NG 💕🎉❣️

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