Father and Daughter argues and part away from each other, Happy mum jubilates (Video)

A Mum has shared her happiness after her daughter and her husband had a quarrel.

In the video shared, her daughter was seen lying on the mat far from her father after their argument.
While she shared the video, The mum revealed she is happy they had a fight and they won’t settle the both of them.
In her words;

Side chick and her husband is having issues. She refused to sleep on bed. Her husband also refused to sleep on bed. Who will settle them bayii? Because me I will not settle them. I’m happy they are fighting.

Watch the video below……..
@bidtex Because me I will not settle them I’m happy they are fighting self😂😂😂@💞Mercy💞 @segunboa 😂😂#fyp #foryou #bidtex #segunboa #viral #funny #foryoupage #viral #tiktok #comedia #fypageシ #funnykids #greenscreen ♬ original sound – bidtex

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