Beautiful Pregnant Twins sisters shows off their baby bump as they dance together (Video)

A  Video of Two Young Twins has gotten the attention of social media users over their baby bumps.
In the video shared, It is seen that the Twins were dancing to a song “Doo doo blick” by Lay Bankz while they showed off their pregnancies as they Perform their Choreographic dance.
Despite being Pregnant, They match the wears, canvas, Wigs and also the same bodies.
This made social media users to react as they Questioned if they were Impregnanted by the same man.
Watch the video below…..

Read the reactions below…

Lucy: they dating the same guy right? 

Chloe 💕🫶🏼 •Following: They’re both having boys 

Greatness: Did they site to plan this or wha? I’m confused 

user3519408060383: how did y’all get pregnant at the same time. was it coincidence or was it planned? 

Ksanet<33: the pregnant one is really pretty

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