7 ways to deal with a cheating boyfriend

In this 21st century, Women face a lot in the hands of men when it comes to Commitment, love, emotions, marriages and also relationships.

If a man or a woman is cheating on their partners, It’s best to confront him/her or end the relationship if you feel you can’t continue with it.
There are some situations whereby after confronting your partner, he/she ends up going back to that same mistake.
No relationship, marriages or friendships are perfect it all deals with Understandings. Below are some ways to deal with such men in this categories
1. Confront him and end the relationship
In tis situation, When a woman isn’t sure of her man if her man is cheating, It doesn’t mean she/he is Insecure.
But in circumstances like this, Rumors speculates about the man for eg. Your friend calls you and informs you she saw a woman with your man? Definitely you are going to react but if a lady isn’t sure of the Information, You confront ask him if it is true and if you have evidence to prove it, Or you notice that he isn’t doing the way he was doing to you when you started the relationship? sit him down and ask on why he is treating you this way. If he does not give you a solid reason back out and end the relationship straight.
2. Cope with the word “Heartbreaks”
No woman loves “Heartbreaks” this is a feeling which is out of the world entirely. If you know he is cheating on you, make him know how you feel about this. During this situation, Move on away from him get yourself busy with things. If he comes begging you later, it’s left for you to decided whether you want him back or not. It only heartless men that don’t feel remorseful for their actions.
3. Make yourself happy always
Happiness is the key to healthy life. After breaking up with your boyfriend over cheating, Move on with new friends, explore, travel, party or do anything that brings happiness to you because this makes ypu heal faster and stop thinking about what you both have shared in a relationship.
4 Make friends with the girls he cheated with
Women who have dated him will surely want to make friends with you, Collab with them, Make them know what you faced during the relationship and this will make him feel more guilt.
5. Broadcast his Infidelity on social media
If you know you trusted your man and ended being used nor cheated on, Girl, Broadcast him on social media let ladies know he isn’t the man they thought he is, Make his life a living hell, Do flyers and posters about him till he comes back begging and begging. Don’t stop because this will make him realize he dealt with the wrong person
6. Forget about him
Moving on its the medicine of cutting someone off completely out of your mind, Your life and also your lifestyles. Don’t block him on anywhere you added him, let him see how far you have grown and also moved him without him, Definitely that will make him more jealous.
7. Dating his friends
No make sure to pepper him, Don’t give him a chance to breathe make him feel what he did you he is very wrong. When you date is friend, make the relationship so juicy till the extent he will be forced to ask his friend to back out from you and if he does not, Call on the police on him.
Every woman deserves to be treated like a queen not a use and dumb.

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