50yr old Woman Brags for sleeping with over 1,000 men

50yr old woman Identified as Gweneth Lee has confessed that she has slept with over 1,000 men.
During an Interview with the SUN UK, She revealed that she makes time for herself London and United states to enjoy herself with different men.  

50yr old Woman Brags for sleeping with over 1,000 men

“There’s so many married men on the scene to have affairs with” she said 

Talking about the multiple men she has slept with, she said; 

Film producers, finance guys and bio hackers… they are some of the men I’m currently seeing and they all want another woman 

Talking on why she choose to sleep with thousands of men, she said;   

People are just sick of seeing their boring, boring partners all the time. They’re sick of their faces, sick of their bodies, sick of talking to them. It’s like the pandemic… who wants to spend that much time with one person?! My lovers say to me, ‘I am so sick and bored of my horrible family’ and I sympathise. How much of your family can you really see?”  

50yr old Woman Brags for sleeping with over 1,000 men
A married woman she knew, who she claimed was having an affair with a married man, said she stayed with her husband as they parented the children well and it made financial sense. 

“But intellectually and segxwally they don’t work” Gweneth said. “So she’s taken a lover who is extraordinary in the bedroom. I understand it. People need all their needs fulfilled – not just some.”     

She said a return to the office and children going off to school and university enabled affairs to happen practically.   

“People can lie and say they are in meetings”  she explained. “In fact I’m arranging a rendezvous soon with a lover and he’s using this exact excuse” 

“His wife doesn’t know and I don’t care. Why should I feel guilty? The onus is on him, not me.”

50yr old Woman Brags for sleeping with over 1,000 men
Gweneth, who has been married before, said she was unlikely to ever have a long-term partner again.   

“Married men are just better,” she said. “They notice when you’ve had a hair cut, done your nails or bought a pretty dress from Dolce & Gabbana.   

“I enjoy the attention and compliments, but I don’t want to be stuck with him permanently.  It’s why I’ve had an astronomical number of lovers, If I wanted to date a painfully average man I would just go on Tinder.”

Gweneth’s favourite type of lovers are rich, intellectual and worldly.   

Talking on how they buy her gifts, she said; “I’ve been given expensive clothes and jewellery,” she said. “Recently I received a car and a charming Salvador Dali piece.   

“I’m enjoying receiving artwork at the moment.”  She knows she’s criticised and doesn’t care.    “The idea of having a dreary, monotonous lifestyle is intolerable,” she said.  “But some women are angry with me. On one occasion a pregnant acquaintance heard I was seeing a married man and turned on me. She launched herself towards me, bump first, at an event and accused me of being a homewrecker.   

“She need not have worried — there is no way I’d have gone for her man. I think about the people who criticise me and wonder: “Are you happy at home watching This Morning? Or don’t you crave excitement, like me?”

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