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5 billionaires goes missing after paying $250k to explore submarine in water controlled by PS2



5 billionaires goes missing after paying $250k to explore submarine in water controlled by PS2
A missing submarine which disappeared in the atlantic with 5 billionaires was an experimental vessel which was controlled by a PS2 Controller.
The Billionaires paid $250k to experiment the submarine by travelling 4,000meters into the water and ever since they embarked on the Journey since, Sunday they have been missing.

OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush demonstrated the games controller being used to missing submarine Titan

The $2million Submarine was controlled by a $5 PS2 Controller.
The problem all started after the adventure tourism explorer lost contact with clients.
However the fate of the Billionaire adventurers are still unknown because it’s unsure if they are still alive or dead.

Pilot Erika Bergman uses a bright red Play Station controller to steer a $2 million Stingray submarine

Before the whole scene started, The CEO of Oceangate Expeditions, Stockdon Rush showed off the controls during an Interview with CBC news.

“We run the whole thing with this game controller,” said rush

It’s a detail that social media was quick to pick up on, identifying it as a Logitech F710 controller – an off-brand option for PC and Microsoft Xbox consoles. 

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Man who had married 8 wives rushed to hospital, says he is ready to find love again



UK Most married man, Ron Sheppard,75 who has 8 wives has been rushed to the hospital.

Ron opened up last year march that he was done with marriage but now he wants to tie knot with another woman making it his 9th wife.

Ron suffers from Parkinson, Arachnoiditis, Pleurisy, COPD Diabetes and Long covid.

Despite his Illness, Ron stated that he has not given up on love yet but wants to find another woman in his life.

“I’m not looking for love right now. I mean if I did get put in a care home and met a lovely lady – why not.”

“But I’m not seeking it out. I still care about marriage – its very important.”

“After all of the romances now I’m all alone.

“But I don’t regret anything. I don’t regret any of my marriages.

“My first wife, she’s old now like me. She’s not very well either.”

Talking about his health, he continued: “Most recently I’ve been in hospital with double pneumonia. I only came out last Thursday.

“I am 76 this year and on a DNR (Do Not Resusitate) due to my conditions.

“In the last year I have been in Yeovil District Hospital more than six times at a month each time.

“I’m on morphine for the pain – it eases it for a little while but I can hardly move.

“I’m all on my own here. I just have my nextdoor neighbour to speak to.

“I have a kind lady that does my shopping for me but that’s it.”


Although ron got married to his first wife, Margaret, in 1966 and the couples already have 3 children  but unfortunately they divorced after 2years.

He also got married to his second wife, Jeanette, in 1973 but their marriage lasted a year.

In 1976, Ron got married to his third wife, Lesley and had two boys together before parting ways 5years later.

Then in 1982, he got married to his fourth wife, Kathy and they had a girl child.

In 1986, He got married to his fifth wife, Sue, and they had two boys together but after 11yrs, she threw him out 

In 1999, he got married to his 6th wife, A Singapore woman, Usha but it crashed.

In 2003, he got married to his 7th wife, wan but a year later it crashed and married another woman Weng a year later.

Ron also have 8children, 16 grandchildren and 11 great grand children.




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We want to have children- Transman and his partner undergoes IVF



“Taylor, a transman, and his fiancée, Chloe, have revealed their plan to undergo IVF using Taylor’s eggs and Chloe’s womb.

Taylor, who hails from Watford, Hertfordshire, was born female but always felt that he was in the wrong body.

Nine years ago, he moved to the UK and began his journey of transitioning. As part of this process, he froze his eggs, and now he and Chloe have decided to use those eggs to start.

Taylor and Chloe have decided to use Taylor’s eggs and a sperm donor to have children together. In their first transfer, they plan to use Taylor’s eggs and a donor, and in their second transfer, they will use Chloe’s eggs. This way, they will both be biological parents to their children.

Taylor said: ” feel whole now. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. 

“I was waiting my whole life for something but I didn’t know if it was going to happen. I never lost hope.”

Chole continued: “It was amazing noticing how each injection would transform his body but most importantly, I loved seeing how confident he grew as each month passed.

“I feel it’s so brave to show the world who you truly are, so I’m really proud of him for aligning his physical appearance to who he is inside.

“I’ve always wanted a family of my own, ever since I was little. Having our own biological kids just felt right for us as it does for a lot of couples , we’re no different.

“Having IVF as an option for us is such a blessing. We both have a lot of love to give and have the best family and support around us, and our children would always be loved and accepted for who they are.

According to Taylor, he had always seen himself to be a parent but had never seen himself being pregnant.

:From my perspective, I always wanted to have biological kids but I didn’t want to be pregnant.

“We’re using both our eggs to start a family so we each have a biological connection.

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I don’t shave anymore, If a man can’t accept me for who I’m, he is not for me



A Hairy lady identified as Aria loca has encouraged other women to love their body the way it is especially if they are the hairy types.

The 34yr old lady made it known that she does not care how people sees her like.

She also opened on how she was forced to shave when she was in a relationship with her ex, but now no one can tell her to do that and if any man that wants to date her does not accept her for the way she is, then they are not for her.

“I was once in a relationship with someone that wasn’t into it. I kept shaving to please them but I would never do that now.

“If they can’t fully accept me, they’re not for me, and I’m not for them.” She said

How she felt seeing her fellow women with hairiness shaving, she said: ” I saw other women showing off their body hair and it seemed so rebellious and badass,

“A lot of us don’t realise we’ve been brainwashed since birth to fit societal norms.’

“Women with smooth, hairless skin are plastered everywhere and that’s what we think women should look like.”

How she feels seeing negative comments about her appearance, she said: “Negative comments come from online. There’s always going to be haters, not much you can do about that.

“I don’t really think much about what other people may think.

“I enjoy spreading awareness though and like to think I could be changing perspectives, just like mine was changed.”

“I may get some stares in public but I’ve never had a negative comment in person.”

“We’re all beautiful the way we are and if women weren’t meant to have body hair then we wouldn’t have body hair, but it’s there for a reason,

“I love embracing my womanhood by embracing my body hair.”

See her videos below…….


@vivalahippieloca I’m good…bye! 🪒🚫 #Hairywoman #hairywomen #hairygirl #hairywomenaresexy #hairywomenarmpit #hairyfairy #unshavedarmpits #unshavedlegs #unshaved #hairypits #hairylegs #bodyhair #pithair #pithairdontcare #leghairdontcare #naturalbody #naturalbeauty #allnatural #longhairdontcare #bodyhairisnatural #bodypositivity #hairyarmpits #hairyarmpitsquad ♬ Originalton – womenempire.building

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I’m 61yr old but I look better than in my 50s, I’m aging backwards because of my young look



A 61yr old woman, Annie who hails from Scotland bragged about her glowing skin and young face while embracing old age in a young look.

According to her, being old, having gray hairs and wrinkles does not mean they are anything less but it shows how confident one should be.

“We may be older, have more grey hair and wrinkles, carry a bit of extra poundage, and sag a bit in certain areas, but that doesn’t mean we’re any less than we were before.

“Absolutely not!” she said

Due to her young look, Lots of women complemented her look while many claimed that she even look younger than she claims.

Reacting one wrote: “With your beautiful blue eyes. This looks beautiful”

Another wrote: “Haven’t changed a bit, as a matter of fact, you look more amazing than ever.”

Another wrote: “Your very beautiful with a beautiful smile love to meet you sometime.”

In one of her post talking about body positivity and her growth, she said: “Now VS Then for Day 7 of the #agegratfully23 challenge @moxieinmidlife

“My ‘then’ pic was taken 8yrs ago when I was 52, and just out the other end of menopause.
And by golly I wasn’t half noticing big changes on the back of it!

“I’d rapidly developed painful arthritis in my fingers and toes, my hip joints and back felt stiff and sore, and my eyesight was deteriorating at an alarming rate.”My skin’s laxity and hyperpigmentation started to cause concern.
I began to notice that I could no longer eat what I wanted without the pounds piling on around my tummy and hips.

“And to top it all, I started having chronic problems with acid reflux and heartburn almost every time I ate or drank anything! WTF!! 😩

The physical aspects of ageing were starting to kick in big time, and I was beginning to panic a bit at the shock of all the fast changes..and to dread what was next.
I was not feeling positive about getting older.

“I tackled some of the problems head on.
“I got laser treatment to reduce the hyperpigmentation in my skin, Botox in my forehead to reduce the frownies that were making me look grumpy and tired, and started using Retinol to improve the texture of my skin.
“I also got contact lenses, which have been such a life changer.
“I can see! 👀

“I try to manage my ongoing gastric problems by watching what I eat, have cut out alcohol, and also drink less coffee.
“I take medication sometimes, but don’t rely on it all the time

“I now allow myself to weigh in a stone heavier than I used to, and am happier doing that than having to watch everything I eat, and spending half my time at the gym.
I just wear looser clothing!
I also do yoga and stretch exercises more regularly than in the past, to keep my joints supple and painfree

“Apart from exercising and eating a healthy diet, there’s not a lot I can do about the arthritis, and as I don’t want to take strong pain medication every day I’ve had to accept that chronic pain is now a part of my life

“Now’ the shock of continually noticing changes has worn off, I’ve got used to things not being what and where they were.
“I feel a positive acceptance about ageing, and I’m not dreading it as I once was.

See below……



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A post shared by Annie M (@annie_and_molly_m)

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I have 6 girlfriend and I’m not satisfied because I need more women in my life



A Man Identified as LX Xander has revealed that he has 6 girs and he is not yet satisfied as he wants to have one more girlfriend making 7.

In a interview with Love don’t judge, The music producer said he cannot be submissive to only one woman but he is looking for more to add in his life.

He said: I don’t really have a cap on girlfriends any more than 10 is challenging.”

Talking about his decision to become polyamorous, he said: “It wasn’t really a conscious decision for me to all of a sudden become polyamorous. I just found that traditional monogamy didn’t really work with me in how I function as a human being.

“Having all my love and affection to just one individual, It doesn’t fit right to me, It doesn’t feel right.”

Not only that, Lx xander said he faced lots of critics over his decision while some people tagged him as a “Player”

“I definitely receive quite a lot of judgement. 90% of it is from men. They’ll say things to try to make it look like it’s fake or like I’m playing them. I think for some men, seeing the way I live is quite a hit to their ego.” he said

He also made it known that he is close to some of his girlfriends because they are more private than the others regarding their relationship.

See video below……..


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I got pregnant at the age of 15 and I have 12 children but people tell me to close my legs



A Proud mother of 12 children, Britini church, 35, recounted on how trolls told her to shut her legs after giving birth to so many children.

Britini who spends £21,000 a year on food revealed that she feels blessed to have such a large family despite trolls words against her.

According to herm she fell pregnant at the age of 15 wit her first daughter, Crizman who is now 19yrs old of age and expecting her 1st child.


After that she had 4 children Jordan, 17, Caleb, 16, Jace, 15, and Cadence, 13, with her ex-husband and had a child, Jesalyn, 11 with another partner before going ahead to remarry her current husband, christopher whom she welcomed her first child, Silas, 8, three months after their wedding.

And Now the pair have Christopher, seven, triplets, Oliver, Asher, and Abel, four and Rowyn, two.

How she feels having such a big family, she said: “I never knew I’d have a big family. Chris said he wanted six kids. it seemed like an unimaginable number. Now we’re here it doesn’t feel like 12. I feel very blessed to be a mum.

What people tells her about her large family, she said: “People say why don’t you have abortions? or ‘close your legs and they say I look like I’m 60. It’s very gross stuff. I used to care what people thought. I’m happy with my life – not everyone is going to like that. I don’t regret anything.”

Her reaction after finding out she was pregnant with triplets in 2019, she said: “It was crazy. Finding out there were three – it was nuts.”

“After Rowyn, we were done. I was like ‘I’m tired’. I felt at peace.”

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I have 206 dolls which costs $50k and I don’t have plans stopping from getting more dolls



Kris who is a proud owner of american dolls has revealed that his doll collection worths about $50k.

He became a fan of dolls at the age of 6-7yrs and then he was scared of them but began realising that he loves them so much.
He also made it known that he started having passion for dolls and made it enter 100 before entering 206 dolls.
“I started becoming interested in dolls when I was around six or seven. At first I was a little scared of them, but I realised that I actually had a deep love for them.
“Before I knew it, it just became a really fast passion of mine. Collecting them, finding them, fixing them. Within the span of a couple of years, my collection had already amounted to over 100 dolls.” he told hooked on the look
Not only that, Kris admitted that his dad and brother-in-law helped to build a giant dollhouse where he stores some of his favorite doll girls.
He also stated that the dolls costs $30k but the clothes and collections makes it $50k.
Kris also disclosed that he has no plans stopping from buying dolls.
See video below……..

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I was so insecure about my teeth that I had to travel to Turkey to get my teeth done



A 20yr old lady, Georgia has disclosed on how she gets insecure due to her teeths.

Sharing her teeth journey, Georgia used to have a shark teeth before undergoing a teeth replacement in Turkey.

According to her, her teeth was her biggest insecurities which made her fly to Turkey to get her teeth shaved.

“One of my big insecurities was my squint bottom teeth, so i flew to turkey, Got my teeth shaved and got my temps and i cant believe how amazing it looks already having straight teeth and can’t wait for the final set.” She wrote in a part in a video she shared

See video below……

@georgiafoxx11 #turkeyteeth ♬ Boy’s a liar Pt. 2 – PinkPantheress & Ice Spice


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I was white but decided to Become black and I don’t have plans stopping to become darker



A woman from Northern Ireland has revealed her decision for undergoing skin-darkening injections in order to have a darker complexion.

Hannah Tittensor began the injections after becoming fascinated by the process after her brother came home looking tanned.

According to her, she started loving it after her brother came home one day and was look tan and she was wondering what happened to his skin then while they questioned if he got tanning injections.

Her interest in this, she made it known she was frightening her brother underwent injections to look darker but she later got to know that it was not really bad.

Her experience during the tanning process, She said: “But its really okay and it kind of like but it doesn’t hurt the only side effect will be like the first few it suppresses your appetite.”

People reaction after seeing her, she said: ” other people attacked me online just that kind of thing, i have few people obviously that do say nice things.”

Her plans stopping tanning, she said: “i’m not a racist, i just really like having tan.”

See video below…….

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We share the same Underwear, toothbrush, makeup, money and house- Twins brags



23yr old twins, Kennedy and morgan who lives in the same house have revealed that they both share everything including their money, Underwear and clothes.

The Twins also work at a Technology sector and are both looking ahead to buy a house together. They disclosed that they share the same toothbrush, clothes, Underwear, makeups monies and lots of things together.

Morgan said: “We share food. We share makeup, If Kennedy has ice cream I just have some but I don’t think I’d do that with a significant other.

“We’ve always shared our money. We share the money we make from our jobs equally. I deal with all our finances and investments.” Kennedy added

Morgan continued: “We’ve always done that – even when we were little. We never have disputes around what we’re going to spend money on.

“All the paychecks all go into the same account and we divvy it up.

“Kennedy and I have the same goals and fears surrounding our finances.”

“It’s financially beneficial. We talk about our plans and goals as a unit. Our goals are pretty aligned.

Talking on what can only separate them, The Twins made it known they would live separately if they get married and start having children.

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