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All what you need to know about Mercy Aigbe’s movie “JBO”



The movie “JBO” (Jaguda Baba Ole) was produced by Nollywood actress, mercy aigbe.
It talks about Twins who were separated by birth by a desperate woman who fooled her husband that she is pregnant and was not.
Growing up wasn’t easy for JBO (The bad Twin) as she was introduced to bad friends, taught how to steal before becoming a serial killer, While the other Twin ended up becoming a lawyer and also from a rich family background.
But things became messier as people do think The good twin is the one that steals and this made her husband start doubting her if she was lying and pretending to be a good person.
After times of research, He got to know that it’s not his wife but another person and at this time, The lawyer never knew she had a twin and was never told about having a twin sister that looks exactly like her.
But at this time, it was too late as JBO got betrayed by people she trusted and got arrested.
Although at this point, JBO’s herbalist advised her not to stay in nigeria for long because it is dangerous for her but she never listened because she felt she was superior than the herbalist and out of anger, she shot the herbalist thinking that he’s already dead but unfortunately for her, he de-charmed her and left her to be caught by his son who was a “Police officer” and was willing to arrest her at that time.
Watch the video below…..

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