I’ve never been lucky with men- Actress Mimisola Daniels laments

Nollywood actress, Mimisola Daniels has revealed that she has never been lucky with men.

During an Interview with the sun, she stated that she has faced a lot in relationships and it was not a good experience for her.

I've never been lucky with men- Actress Mimisola Daniels laments

What are you up to lately?

My new movie is going to be out soonest. It’s titled The Therapist and I am currently working on another one.


As a businesswoman, are you thinking of leaving the movie industry for full time business? 

I’ve always been a business person, so I don’t need to leave one for the other. Aside passion, movie is also a business only if we understand that.


What lessons has this year taught you?

The way everything just changed is so scary. Prices of almost everything are now doubled. Security in the country has become a nightmare. So many things are just not right. May God help us. 


Can you share the most painful or sweetest relationship you’ve had in recent times?

I have never been lucky with relationships, and I don’t think I’ve had a sweet one. I definitely have good memories but sweetest? I don’t think so.

Any regret being an actor?

No regret aside the fact that people have different believes about female actors, but I’m coping.

Are you living your dream life?

No! I am not even close to it, but I thank God. I am still hopeful for a better life. Only the dead are hopeless. 


Can you give body enhancement a try? 
I like it, but I don’t think so because I can be a baby when it comes to needles. But like I always say, ‘never say never’. 


These days so many actors are relocating abroad, if you have the same opportunity, would you join the bandwagon? 


Is this country worth staying? People are relocating to get a better life, and if things keep going on like this, I might consider it as well. Just take a look at every sector in this country nothing seems to be working. 


If you have the opportunity to change anything about yourself, what would that be? 


My soft heart. I hate the fact that I’m a lover girl; I feel men take advantage of that part of me. 


What principles do you stand for?


Discipline and integrity. I don’t take sh•t and I don’t fall for sh•t. 


Tell us the craziest thing you have done for love? 


These my eyes have seen a lot. I don’t have many past relationships, but you see the few I’ve had, they are not what I want to remember. Let’s just say ‘it is well’.


You maintain your beauty so effortlessly, what’s your beauty routine?


I honestly don’t have a special (beauty) routine; I just do the norms. I eat well and stay happy always.


What’s the biggest thing you have gotten from acting?


I think it’s recognition from the society. I enjoy that a whole lot. So many times, I don’t have to stress to get things, because they know I’m an actor which I really appreciate a whole lot. 
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