I enjoy what i envy others for- Uche Ogbodo

Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo has revealed that she enjoyed what she once envied people others for.

According to her, she said that she feel so sad in the past whereby she envied people who live good lives but she could not afford to live that Good life.

I enjoy what i envy others for- Uche Ogbodo

During an Interview, she said;

Life is about Chance & time indeed! I remember sometime ago in the past when I used to envy people who live good lives and really feel sad that I couldn’t afford the life I wanted!

I would pray, cry in secret and pray some more! . But I never really got the chance some of my friends had then maybe cos didn’t have the kind of Ass, height and perhaps the beauty they had. That life truly isn’t for me!

I came to know that truly only by hard-work and determination I would surely have that same life at the right time. Now I have that life and some other babes Envy Me, what goes around comes around..

Talking about her experience during her younger days, she also advised Younger girls to be persistent and they will enjoy greatness.

One word for those girls, TIME & CHANCE! Be Persistent and you will achieve Greatness. She said

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