How I became a first class student and ended up being a shoe seller- Lady Laments

A Young Ghanaian lady who graduated with a first class in the University of Professional studies in Accra has taken to social media to lament on how she sells shoe for survival. 

How I became a first class student and ended up being a shoe seller- Lady Laments
Taking to her page on Linkedin, she wrote; 
National Service is a mandatory requirement for every graduate in Ghana after tertiary education. Many fear what their lives will be, since it’s not a guarantee for securing the job of their dreams. 
It’s been a year after I completed my National Service in Ghana and the journey has been interesting 🤔. Prior to my service, I had been full of hope as I had studied hard to attain First Class honours and dreamt of a rewarding career that awaits me. You can imagine a First Class student who has graduated from University of Professional Studies, Accra with a CGPA of 3.76 and how enthused I was to be employed in the corporate world. 
I had prayed to God that never in my life will I be part of the growing unemployment rate in Ghana. God didn’t disappoint 🤣 although many will not see it that way. God gave me an opportunity to have a rethink of my career choices.
I had to ask myself the “W” questions; Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? Where do I start from? Here I am taking my usual buying and selling of locally made shoes to a next level at Ahofade ☺️ after several unsuccessful attempts to get into the corporate world. Ahofade is a Ghanaian lifestyle brand that bridges the gap between indigenous Ghana-made products, local manufacturers and the rest of the world. Ahofade has been adjudged as one of the most potential solely-owned Ghanaian e-commerce brand and I’m proud to be a part of this beautiful journey which has just started. 
 At Ahofade, I’m challenged to work with limited resources to achieve maximum results. Thinking is hard but who are we if we don’t think of innovative ways to solve the problems of the century of digitalization. Lesson learnt: Sometimes certain disappointments are avenues for reflection and a stepping stone to reaching greater goals.
How I became a first class student and ended up being a shoe seller- Lady Laments
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