“Get a Life”- Man who created the first cell-phone in the 1970s advises people who spend their time on Phones

Martin Cooper, 93, the man who invented Mobile Phone has suggested that people who spend their times on their devices should stop and get a life.

During an Interview with BBC Breakfast, He stated that people should stop scrolling on their phones and get a life.

It was recalled that Martin Cooper led the team in Motorola and was responsible for the first Mobile phone in the 1970s.

During 1973, he became the first person in the history to make a Cellular phone call in the Public.

According to him, he revealed that he does not spend less then 5 percent of time with his Phone.

When asked what he would say to those who spend hours on their phone, he was incredulous.

“You really spend five hours a day?” he asked. “I would say ‘get a life!”. He said

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