White police officer in Wisconsin shoot a black father in the back seven times in front of his children as he tried to enter a car (Watch video)

A Black father was shot in the back seven times by a white police officer in front of his children and a video was shown in the scene.

Wisconsin cops were called to the scene due to a domestic dispute. They responded but it ended in one of them shooting the man at around 5pm on Sunday, August 23.

Rioting and protests erupted in the wake of the shooting as the County of Kenosha declared a state of emergency and a curfew has been put into effect by authorities until 7am on Monday.

The 29yr old Black man, Who is identifed as Jacob Blake was rushed to an Hospital (Milwaukee Hospital) which he was in a very serious condition as the police officers shot him that prompted neighbors to gather and confront officers at the scene on Sunday night.

The Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers issued a statement denouncing “excessive use of force” by police.

As video of the shooting quickly went viral, more protesters took to the streets of Kenosha.

Video posted to social media shows a large crowd numbering hundreds of protesters gathered outside a Kenosha police station chanting “Black Lives Matter” and other slogans denouncing law enforcement.

Several protesters jumped on top of police squad cars and smashed windows.

As Blake opened the driver’s side door and leaned inside, one officer grabbed his shirt from behind and then fired into the vehicle.

At least seven shots could be heard, though it was unclear if more than one officer fired.

Local reports indicate that Blake’s children were inside the SUV and watched as their father was gunned down.


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