Watch Video of how a police officer placing a knee on boy’s neck during arrest in Germany

Authorities in Germany have opened an investigation after Dusseldorf Police officers were being videoed while pinning a boy to the ground and kneeling on his neck as they tried to arrest him.

The incident happened at around 7.30 pm in Dusseldorf’s Old Town on August 15.

The Video which was shared Online shows the officer pinning the boy’s hand behinf his back and the others kneeling on his neck in the same position that happened to George Floyd which led to his death in Minneapolis in May.

Officials in the western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia are now investigating the incident as a case of possible police misconduct

The four Dusseldorf Police officers involved are being probed by Duisburg Police for “reasons of neutrality”, the force said in a statement.

Officers were originally called to a restaurant in Dusseldorf to reports of 10 people rioting, German police said.

According to the Dusseldorf police said the suspect resisted arrest and assaulted the officers. He was subsequently taken to a police station for questioning but was then handed back to his legal guardians.

The incident will be investigated by a different police department to ensure neutrality, officials said.

According to the spokesman for the state’s Interior Ministry said.  “We take this video very seriously,”. 


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