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Bolivia Government approves toxic bleach as Coronavirus treatment despite reports of people being hospitalized after taking it

The Bolivia Legislature has approved the Bill which legalize the Bleach which is used to cure coronavirus.

According to the reports, The Country legislative Assembly approved the bill which has already passed the Bolivia senate despite the reports of people being hospitalized after taking it.

According to the bill, It allows for the Production and Commercialization and supply of chlorine Dioxide solution which prevents Coronavirus and also as a treatment for sick patients.

Chlorine dioxide is an industrial bleach commonly used as a disinfectant, or to bleach paper products, which conspiracy theorists and alternative medicine advocates have hailed it as a miracle cure capable of curing any illness.

Its called it “Miracle Mineral Solution,” or the MMS.

According to the reports from the Business Insider, It was stated that there has been cases across Bolivia of people who are being hospitalized after taking the Chlorine Dioxide.

The Country ministry of health has cautioned people against taking the substance and will prosecute anyone who are producing and selling it.

Bolivia has recorded 101,223 cases of Coronavirus and 4,123 deaths so far.

In June medical regulators in the country released a statement warning that chlorine dioxide “puts the health of the population that consumes or intends to do so at serious risk.”

It added that the US Food and Drug Administration says it has recorded reports of “severe vomiting, severe diarrhoea, life-threatening low blood pressure caused by dehydration and acute liver failure after drinking these products”.

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