13yr old girl is raped and strangled to death by two men in India

According to the reports,On Friday, August 14, A 13yr old girl has been raped and killed by Two men in India.

An Indian Broadcaster NDTV, it was shown that the girl was strangled and her eyes were plucked out and her tongue was cut off.

The girl had gone missing on Friday afternoon. “We went looking for her everywhere. Found her in the sugarcane field. Her eyes had been gouged out.

“Her tongue was cut and strangled with a dupatta (scarf),” the girl’s dad said.

Police confirmed that the girl’s body was discovered in a sugar cane field near the Nepalese border and said a post-mortem showed signs of rape and strangulation.

The superintendent of Police of Kheri Satendra Kumar said: “Her eyes were not gouged and tongue was not cut. The claim is not true.

“There is nothing in the post-mortem report to suggest this.

“There were scratches near the eyes, likely due to the sharp sugarcane leaves where the body was found.”

The district police chief added: “The girl’s post mortem has confirmed rape.

Two arrests have been made in relation to the incident, authorities confirmed

“The two accused had been arrested already. We will file charges for rape, murder, and also under the National Security Act,” Kumar added.

Former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati condemned the incident on Twitter calling it “extremely shameful”.

She wrote: “What is the difference between the governments of the Samajwadi Party and the present BJP if such incidents keep happening?”

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