Watch the Video of how a man was caught on camera stealing an huge Dildo from a s*x store

A Masked thief was Caught on the camera stealing an huge dildo from a las vegas s*x shop in broad daylight.

In the surveillance footage of the July 14 trobbery at the Deja Vu Love Boutique in Las Vegas, which was obtained by TMZ, the man was seen calmly walking into the store. As he picked up a 3-foot, 40-pound dildo, he immediately left with the massive sex toy slung over his shoulder without paying.

According to the police report, the man whose ID was concealed by a facemask flee with the sex with a white car which was similiar to a Dodge Caliber.

He “simply picked it up and walked out with it,” Laura, a shop worker who declined o give her last name, told HuffPost on Tuesday, July 21.

Laura stated the stolen goods is actually a sex toy named Moby and sells for $1,250.

Laura said the stolen good is actually a sex toy named Moby and sells for $1,250.

Watch the video below:

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