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Family of George Floyd sues Minnepolis in Civil suit

George Floyd’s own family has filed a lawsuit against the town of Minneapolis and four officers charged in his death.

The suit alleges the police officers who violated Mr Floyd’s rights when they detained him, and that the town allowed a culture of excessive force and racism to take root in its police force.

The family’s lawyer Ben Crump said George Floyd’s death is part of a public health crisis in black America.

New body camera videos have emerged showing Mr Floyd’s final moments.

In the footage, Mr Floyd was seen pleading with the officers as they are attempting to pressure him into their car, US media say. Mr Floyd reportedly tells police he couldn’t breathe, and asks if he could lie on the ground instead.

A district Judge allowed the news Outlets to view the two videos, which display the clearest photograph of george Floyd’s remaining moments within the Minnesota town on 25 May.

All of the officers involved have due to the fact that been fired and charged over his death. Derek Chauvin, who in a separate video filmed through eyewitnesses was seen kneeling on George Floyd’s neck for almost eight minutes, has been charged with second-degree murder.

The three other officers – Thomas Lane, J Alexander Kueng and Tou Thao – had been charged with assisting and abetting murder. A Minneapolis judge has set a tentative trial date for the four on 8 March, 2021.

The death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old unarmed African American, sparked huge protests across the USA against police brutality and racism.

On wednesday, Civil rights attorney Mr Crump announced the George Floyd’s family lawsuit against the Minnepolis filed in the USA District Court in Minnesota.

Mr Crump said the legal action will seek unspecified monetary damages on behalf of George Floyd children and siblings.

“This criticism indicates what we have said all along, that Mr Floyd died due to the fact the load of the whole Minneapolis Police Department was on his neck”. He said in a statement.

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