TikTok’s app rating falls dramatically after Indians involve ban; outrage over content

APP TikTok’s app rating falls dramatically after Indians involve ban; outrage over content TikTok is India’s fastest-growing app but its problems also are growing fast. within the latest turn of events, the app is being downrated by users for promoting harmful content. By Sohini Mitter 19th May 2020 +0 TikTok could also be the fastest-growing app in India, but it’s been caught during a storm lately. It all started with Indian YouTuber CarryMinati’s video pitching short-form content creation on TikTok versus long-form videos on YouTube. during a viral video titled ‘YouTube vs TikTok: The End’, the favored YouTuber, who has 18 million subscribers, called out TikTok creators for plagiarising content from YouTube, among other things. YouTube was eventually forced to require down the video as a social media war erupted between TikTok fans and YouTubers. Not only has the incident polarised social media, it’s also severely impacted TikTok’s app store ratings. In but every week , the app has been downrated from 4.6 to 2, with several Indian users calling for a ban and trending #TikTokBan and #TikTokExposed on social media. TikTok Lite has been hit even more, with its Play Store ratings dropping to 1.1. The ByteDance-owned platform is additionally under attack for its weak content moderation policies, which allows sharing of harmful and abusive videos.

Many TikTok influencers have invited the wrath of social media users for promoting acid attacks on women, rape, misogyny, and other problematic content. a number of these videos continue to record quite 1,000,000 views, thus amplifying the basis problem. National Commission of girls Chairman Rekha Sharma has called the Indian government for an entire ban on TikTok for promoting objectionable content and leaving a negative impact on the youth. “I am of the strong opinion that this @TikTok_IN should be banned totally and can be writing to GOI. It not only has these objectionable videos but [is] also pushing youngsters towards [an] unproductive life where they’re living just for few followers,” she wrote during a tweet this morning. YourStory reached bent TikTok India for a politician statement on the recent turn of events. it’s yet to listen to from the corporate .

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