Protests across US as cop charged with homicide of George Floyd

Protests have broken call at cities across the us calling for justice following the death of George Floyd in police custody when a white officer in Minneapolis pressed a knee into the unarmed Black man’s neck for several minutes.

In scenes both non violent and violent throughout the country, lots of protesters on Friday chanted “no justice, no peace” and “say his name.
George Floyd.” They hoisted signs reading: “He said i can not breathe. Justice for George.”

The demonstrations came as Derek Chauvin, the officer involved in Floyd’s death, was arrested and charged with one count each of third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

Graphic video footage taken on an onlooker’s cellular telephone and extensively circulated on the web indicates Floyd – with Chauvin’s knee pressed into his neck – gasping for air and repeatedly Groaning, “Please, i can’t breathe,” whilst a crowd of bystanders shouted at police to let him up.
The video reignited an outpouring of rage that civil rights activists said has long simmered in Minneapolis, the most important city within the state of Minnesota, and other towns and cities across the country over persistent racial bias within the US criminal justice system and therefore the deaths of Black people in police custody.

The charges brought by Hennepin County prosecutors came after a 3rd night of protests during which protesters set fire to a police headquarters , and therefore the National Guard was deployed to assist restore order in Minneapolis. 

Authorities was hoping Chauvin’s arrest would allay public anger and avert endured unrest.
 But defying an 8pm curfew imposed by Mayor Jacob Frey, thousands took to the streets for a fourth night. an important contingent of National Guard , state troopers and police moved in, some on foot and a few in vehicles.

“We saw a confrontation between variety of demonstrators and state police … [that] ended with tear gas,” Al Jazeera’s John Hendren, reporting from Minneapolis, said. 

Protester Naeema Jakes told AFP press agency she needed to get on the streets so she could verbally confront officers.

“I need you to seem in my eyes and feel me,” Jakes said. “This is pain, this is often hurt.”

Some cars were assail fire in scattered neighbourhoods, while a pair of restaurants and a Wells Fargo branch were also set aflame . 

Among the cities with larger protests on Friday were Atlanta, Denver, Detroit, Houston, l. a. and Louisville.

After hours of peaceful protest in vital Atlanta, a few demonstrators turned violent, smashing police cars, placing one ablaze , spray-painting the logo sign at CNN’s headquarters and breaking right into a restaurant.  the gang pelted officers with bottles, chanting “quit your jobs”.
Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms pleaded with the gang to travel home.

“This isn’t a protest,” she said. “You are disgracing our city. you’re disgracing the lifetime of George Floyd and each other one that has been killed during this country. We are better than this.”

But the violence continued, prompting Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp to declare a country of emergency to “guard people & property in Atlanta”.

Kemp said 500 members of the state National Guard would be deployed to quell the unrest.

Protesters also gathered outside the White House, with President Donald Trump inside, and a few tried to erupt barriers found out by the US United States Secret Service along Pennsylvania Avenue.

In ny City, an initially peaceful demonstration spiralled into chaos as night fell. Protesters skirmished with officers, destroying police vehicles and setting fires.

In Brooklyn, activists who had marched from Manhattan chanted slogans against police brutality and pelted officers lined up outside the Barclays Center with water bottles.

Police sprayed an eye-stressful chemical into the largely various crowd a couple of times, then cleared the plaza.

Numerous people were arrested and police brought in buses to hold them off.

“We have an prolonged night before us in Brooklyn,” Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted. “Our sole attention is deescalating this example and getting people domestic safe.

there’ll be a full review of what happened tonight. we do not ever want to ascertain another night like this.”
In Houston, where Floyd grew up, several thousand people rallied ahead of hall . Among them was 19-year-old Jimmy Ohaz, who came from the nearby city of Richmond, Texas.

“My question is what percentage more, what percentage more? I just want to measure during a future where we all sleep in harmony and we’re not oppressed,” he told The Associated Press press agency .

In Detroit, a 19-year-old man was killed after someone during a vehicle fired shots into a crowd of individuals protesting Floyd’s death. Police said a politician wasn’t involved within the shooting and therefore the suspect had pulled up during a Dodge Durango and opened fire at the protesters.

Tensions also rose in several cities on the US’s West Coast as night fell and protesters blocked highways in l. a. and Oakland. Demonstrators in l. a. scuffled sometimes with police, with a couple of protesters arrested and one officer receiving medical treatment, police said.

The unrest was the worst the US has seen in years. The AP press agency , citing three anonymous sources said the Pentagon ordered the military to place MP units on aware of head to Minneapolis on short notice at Trump’s request.

Trump said on Friday he had spoken to Floyd’s family and “expressed my sorrow”. 

He called the video of the arrest “just a horrible thing to witness and to observe . It certainly seemed like there was no excuse for it”.

Earlier within the day, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said a key piece of evidence within the case against Chauvin was the video clip showing Floyd lying face down within the street, with the officer kneeling on the rear of Floyd’s neck – Chauvin had his knee on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes, consistent with an autopsy report.

“We have evidence, we’ve the citizen’s camera’s video, the horrible, horrific, terrible thing we’ve all seen over and once again ,” Freeman said.

He added the investigation into Chauvin, who faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted, was ongoing and he anticipated also charging the three other officers, identified by the town as Thomas Lane, Tou Thao and J Alexander Kueng.

All four were fired from the local department on Tuesday after the video surfaced of Monday’s arrest. 

The 46-year-old Floyd’s relatives welcomed the news of Chauvin’s arrest as a “step on the road to justice”. But they said they hoped for tougher charges and action against the opposite officers involved in Floyd’s detention and death. 

“We need a first-degree murder indictment . and that we want to ascertain the opposite officers arrested,” they said during a statement.

“The pain that the Black community feels over this murder and what it reflects about the treatment of Black people in America is raw and is spilling out onto streets across America.”

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