Facebook User Who Tried To Steal A Van Forgets Phone At Crime Scene, Gets Called Out

A would-be car thief had a really bad day on Monday once they were caught within the act trying to steal a van and managed to go away their phone and ID behind as they made their escape.

The failed felon’s phone was still logged into Facebook, and one playful friend of the victim decided to possess some fun with the hapless villain.

It might are a nasty day for the van robber, but the subsequent day clothed to be a reasonably hilarious day for everybody else.

The Manchester Evening News explains how the owner of the van tagged the alleged thief during a Facebook post, saying: “Here is Newton Heath’s finest mastermind. Attempted to nick my mate’s van tonight.”

They went on: “First major fault was being seen, second was leaving all, yes all, of his details behind. Phone, driver’s license (sic).

“No words but wow what a thick p***k. If anyone knows this guy please get in-tuned , he will need his phone back.”

They then went on to exact a good crueller revenge by posting on the alleged thief’s Facebook account itself.

Posing because the miscreant, he wrote a standing saying: “Bet I’m wondering were(sic) my phone is true now?”

He then wrote another status saying: “Fb wont(sic) let me add anyone think hes(sic) useing(sic) his smackhead powers to undertake and stop me.”The victim also updated the work and info status of the alleged thief on Facebook to ‘self-employed, dosser and works for Entrepreneur.’

 One person wrote: “Best thing on Fb today knew it might go viral. If u(sic) ain’t seen it attend his profile.”

Another social media user wrote: “It’s literally been the highlight of Tuesday.

“If you haven’t been following the story check the profile, it has been emotional to mention the smallest amount .”


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