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COVID19: France sees flare-up of 70 new coronavirus cases after schools reopen

France has seen a worrying flare-up of around 70 new cases of coronavirus linked to colleges , just days after a 3rd of French children returned to classrooms.

Schools in low-risk areas opened their doors to the youngest students last week, while some older children went back to class on Monday.

But some schools have closed again immediately after reporting coronavirus outbreaks, French Education Minister Jean Blanquer told station RTL.

Mr Blanquer confirmed there had been about 70 new cases linked to colleges , but didn’t say if they were among children or teachers

He told the station that it’s likely the infections happened outside of faculties , given the long time period for coronavirus.

France, which has had quite 28,000 deaths linked to Covid-19, has asked about 30 per cent of youngsters to travel back to high school , with around 40,000 schools in lower-risk areas reopening.

Paris may be a higher-risk area, so its schools have remained closed for now.

Children are thought to be at low risk from coronavirus, making up a really small minority of great cases.

But some health authorities claim that Kawasaki disease , a rare inflammatory condition that affects children, are often triggered by coronavirus – although the link has not been confirmed.

France recently recorded its first death from Kawasaki disease . a minimum of two children have died within the UK from the disorder, with around 100 diagnosed.

The news of the coronavirus outbreak in French schools comes during a days-old row between British Government and teachers’ unions a few decide to reopen English schools for a few children on June 1.

The Government has said that children’s development is about back from being kept faraway from schools and have promised that schools will combat rigorous social distancing and cleaning measures.

Unions argue that schools are still not safe, given the high coronavirus infection rate within the UK, which rose again last week to near-critical levels, and criticised Government plans as “flimsy”.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have all said that their schools won’t reopen on June 1. Some local councils have also said their schools will remain shut past June 1.

Parents don’t need to send their children back to high school once they do reopen.

Germany has also reopened some schools and has reported no major coronavirus outbreaks linked to colleges , although there are several isolated cases.

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