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Trump to suspend all immigration into US over coronavirus

US President Donald Trump has said he will sign an executive order to temporary stop the immigration to the United states. 

According to Donald trump in his tweet he stated that “In light of the attack from the Imperceptible Foe, yet because the must protect the roles of our GREAT americans, I will sign an executive order to temporarily stop the Immigration into USA”.

He offered no subtleties on what immigration programs may well be full order . The White House didn’t quickly detail on Trump’s announcement.

The development is that the latest in exceedingly getting serious about Immigration as the coronavirus spreads in the USA. 

The USA has the world biggest number of affirmed Coronavirus cases with over a death rate of 42,00 and 774 infections on monday. 

In late March, Trump said the US would quickly restore any migrants who make an effort to cross through the country from Mexico and Canada. He claimed that migrants crossing the border threatens to worsen the USA Coronavirus Pandemic.

According to a source ( John Hendren),who spoke from the aljazeera news  revealing from the US city of Chicago, said the most recent move was “fully in character” for Trump. 

“Remember, he forced a restriction on movement from Muslim nations. That was overturned by a court and later changed. This is likewise president who has made ‘stopping Illegal immigration ‘ a serious themes of his presidency. He’s said he will build a wall to stay out Illegal Immigrants. He stated 

“But for this situation, He his giving a stop to legal Immigrations and its Likely to be challenging. He siad  “It additionally sends mixed message . He’s been stating up  that things are showing signs of improvement, that the quantity of coronavirus cases slowing, that the US is preparing to open up for business, and now he was seen to be saying things are getting extremely serious that we would have to stop all Immigrations. 

For weeks now, the US State Department has suspended most visa processing, including immigrant visas.

The USA Economy has come to an halt due to the Coronavirus and over the last month, 22million have applied for Unemployment gained.

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