Nigerian man murdered by his Brazilian wife due to some arguements

A Nigerian man has being murdered after his Brazilian wife stabbed him in Brazil. 

From the reports given, it was stated that the man who is  recognized as Emeka Okoye, from Nnewi, Anambra State, was yesterday, supposedly stabbed to death by his wife in brazil. 

A source aware of everything shared the scene which happened between emeka and his wife, The Source said in a reports saying  “Emeka was previously married to someone here in Nigeria but later chased her away with their 4 children”.

He Proceeded going to Brazil where he got married to a south african lady who was identified as Elizabeth and he also adopted her child. 

Yesterday during the scene, It was stated that Emeka got into an arguement with her and hits her and due to the anger, she took a knife and stabbed him several times and he was rushed to the hospital but unfortunately for him, He died. 

The lasy who stabbed emeka has been arrested,  But in a video she did, it was shown that she was speaking Igbo and portuguese as the lady(Elizabeth) claims that emeka Stabbed himself and it wasnt her who sdtabbed him. 

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