Woman drowns her 9-month-old baby in a bucket because her ex-partner abandoned her

A 19-year-elderly person had no sympathy for her 9-month-old little girl who was crying and tormented her by suffocating in a can of water. 

The lady was recognized as Victoria Ramos Gamarra (19), she recorded video messages tormenting her little girl who was just 9 months old, and who right now of suffocating said «Enjoy it, your girl is suffocating poo… » alluding to the dad, yet she was not content with that and when she saw that he was crying she secured his mouth with a fabric like a sock so he would quiet down while she stated: «I instructed you to quiet down Adriana, bite the dust regardless of whether you pass on, I couldn’t care less on the off chance that you live or not». 

The dad of the tormented infant George Yucra (26) impugned this reality quickly at the police headquarters in San Sebastian, where he demonstrated that all the pictures of torment were sent through the Whassap. 

This preposterous case occurred in the town of Parúro in Cusco, the lady likewise tormented by giving whips on her back, which were set apart as appeared in a video coursing on informal communities. Everything would have started in light of the fact that the dad of the young lady (George) left them and Victoria needed him to return with the goal that they could continue their relationship. 

The Ministry of Women’s Affairs said the infant is presently protected and recouping from her wounds, taking note of that the procedures for the arraignment and ensuing conviction of the mother of the kid are as of now in progress. 

The assailant has just been captured and the leader of the Third Provincial Criminal Prosecutor’s Office in Cusco will demand preventive detainment for a time of nine months until the examinations last. 

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