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North Korea confirms Ri Son Gwon as new foreign minister

North korea has named as its new foreign minister senior armed force official with little involvement with dealings with the United States, in a potential sign it will take a harder line with Washington in slowed down atomic arrangements. 

The new post for Ri Son Gwon was uncovered Friday in a Korean Central News Agency dispatch that said he went to a gathering for remote ambassadors in Pyongyang on Thursday. 

South Korean and other outside media recently revealed North Korea had as of late educated remote negotiators in Pyongyang regarding Ri’s activity. 

In his discourse at the feast, “Companion Ri Son Gwon said the Korean individuals have turned out in the general hostile to get through head-on the obstructions to the development of communist development by dint of independence … what’s more, made open the international strategy remain of the (North Korean) government,” KCNA said. 

Ri, a candid resigned armed force colonel who as of late headed an administration body liable for relations with South Korea, has participated in various between Korean talks in the course of recent years. Be that as it may, he needs involvement with arrangements with the US. 

In South Korea, he is generally referred to for what was viewed as inconsiderate comments to South Korean businesspeople visiting Pyongyang in September 2018. 

While they were eating “naengmyeon”, Korean customary cold noodles, Ri asked them: “Are naengmyeon going down your throats?” in clear disappointment with an absence of progress in endeavors to advance between Korean financial undertakings. Numerous traditionalists in South Korea unequivocally reprimanded him. 

Ri supplanted Ri Yong Ho, a profession ambassador with wide encounters in dealings with the US and South Korea who had partaken in atomic arrangements with Washington since mid 2018. 

It was not promptly recognized what befallen Ri Yong Ho, whose name was last referenced in KCNA last August. 

Investigator Cheong Seong-Chang at South Korea’s private Sejong Institute said Ri Son Gwon’s arrangement flagged North Korea would additionally solidify its position on the US and support its push to solidify its situation as an atomic state. 

“Starting now and into the foreseeable future, it’s hard to expect important advancement in North Korea-U.S. discretion,” Cheong said. 

Atomic talks between the US and North Korea have advanced little since the breakdown of the second summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean pioneer Kim Jong Un in Vietnam in February 2019. 

Kim as of late said North Korea would reinforce its atomic armory and uncover another “vital weapon” after the US neglected to comply with a year-end time constraint set by him to make concessions. 

A senior State Department official told columnists on Wednesday that Washington knew about Ri Son Gwon’s accounted for arrangement and expectations North Korea will comprehend the significance of continuing discretion. 

“There’s not something to be picked up by not talking. It’s just to their advantage, so we urge them to talk,” the authority said on state of namelessness since he wasn’t approved to talk openly to the issue. 

“It is moderate, understanding, relentless tact. We’re going to stay with that arrangement.”

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