Mum covered in a huge number of tumors is being insulted on the road by outsiders who believe she’s infectious

Ashley Jernigan, 35, from Montgomery, Alabama, has neurofibromatosis – an uncommon hereditary condition which makes tumors structure on nerve tissue. 

The single mum-of-four was analyzed when she hit pubescence yet says the condition has declined after every one of her pregnancies. 

She says she presently faces every day gazes and claims individuals stay away from her since they dread they may get the sickness – despite the fact that it’s not infectious. 

Ashley stated: “With this condition, you can in any case live like some other typical individual. 

“It’s simply the tormenting you need to manage. It takes a tough individual to defeat what individuals state. 

Individuals state ‘take a gander at her, where did she originate from and what’s going on with her’ 

“It’s hard, it’s truly unpleasant, and discouraging. 

“At the point when I go out, individuals gaze and make impolite signals. 

“They state ‘take a gander at her, where did she originate from and what’s going on with her’.” 

The full time mum says the protuberances all over her body have likewise left her feeling like she’ll never discover love. 

“I would prefer not to date as a result of the gazes. A man wouldn’t acknowledge me,” she said. 

“It would take a resilient man to value me for who I am and look past my condition.” 

It would take a tough man to value me for who I am and look past my condition 

Her mum Lisa kicked the bucket of neurofibromatosis, which influences one of every 3,000 individuals, when she was only 25. 

Ashley was prompted by specialists not to have youngsters as it would aggravate the condition. 

In any case, she went on overlook this guidance and have four kids, Darnell, 15, Devon, 14, Keonna, eight, and Kaiden, five – yet said with each pregnancy the condition worsened. 

Ashley needs to get the message out that the condition isn’t infectious, however said a portion of the protuberances on her body leave her in a lot of torment to wear shoes. 

In spite of the fact that there is an opportunity her youngsters could likewise have or build up the hereditary disease, she wouldn’t like to have them tried for the condition. 

She included: “Children are progressively inquisitive and understanding, they believe it’s chickenpox or subterranean insect nibbles yet I simply state I was brought into the world like this.” 

“I don’t have the foggiest idea how far back in my family it goes yet my grandma was canvassed in them, from head to toe. 

“Darnell has it, however my others aren’t giving indications yet. 

“I can get them tried however I would prefer not to know. I’ll be really vexed in the event that I discover they have it.”


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