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Fraud: Senator Shehu Sani Speaks From EFCC Detention

The previous official speaking to Kaduna Central Senatorial District, Senator Shehu Sani, has blamed the Federal Government for endeavoring to quiet him over his analysis of the system drove by the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), utilizing fronts.

Sani asserted that the administration is utilizing his informer, through the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, to “outline” him in the blackmail embarrassment.

Agents of the EFCC had on Wednesday looked through two houses and an office of the troubled Senator Shehu Sani in Abuja.

The activity was a piece of the continuous test of the previous administrator for supposed coercion of $24,000 from the Chairman of ASD Motors, Alhaji Sani Dauda.

Dauda had additionally, in his request to the EFCC, guaranteed that the previous congressperson requested N4m from him to provide for the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Tanko Muhammad, and four different judges to impact some pending cases in court.

However, the CJN had on Sunday denied joins with Shehu Sani.

Sani, a red hot pundit of the administration, has reliably kept up his guiltlessness.

The previous legislator, who is talking from the EFCC detainment just because on the issue, in a message to The PUNCH’s reporter by means of WhatsApp, made a 15-point reaction.

Sani’s reaction read, “The charges of ‘blackmail’ against me are outlandish, actuality less, unwarranted, empty and unsubstantial.

“It is a scripted stream of fiendish creations and express manufactures utilizing a manikin state operator; all planned for sprinkling excrement and mud on me.

“The coercion claim is only a discount deception, bundled in an apparition against unite veneer to corrupt, stain and quiet me. That will never occur on the off chance that I am alive.

“I have offered my expression and gave every one of my realities against their bundle of falsehoods and I request the EFCC to make open every one of the sheets of our announcements and supporting reports for the world to see.

“My confinement is uncalled for, treacherous, prearranged and politically spurred.”

He additionally stated, “Alhaji Sani Dauda and his concealed backers have not had the option to give any confirmation of their charges. I’m shamefully detained on the grounds of an organized two-page request supported with no evidential or narrative verification.

“One party rule flourishes in outline up of its faultfinders.

“They guarantee blackmail and here they are shutting my ledgers, looking through my homes and workplaces and requesting I announce my benefits, of which I have just done that at the CCB (Code of Conduct Bureau) a year ago when I left the Senate.

“Casing up can’t quietness me!”

The congressperson further stated, “I have never at any point met with the CJN or any judge or judges or ever called legitimately or by implication to offer to offer or to give straightforwardly or in a roundabout way any type of satisfaction from Alhaji Sani Dauda.

“I have never under any circumstance talked about with ASD on any type of influence or delight to be given to any pass judgment or any EFCC official.

“The influence story is ghost, the pay off story is a phony, creative work of fiction, pitilessly made to spread me, to outline me and to legitimize my oppression.

“The pay off story is a pile of conspicuous untruths and through and through deception devised and manufactured, utilizing a front and the EFCC to debut a state dramatization.

“ASD is a scarcely taught front for a state crucial.

“Condemning me or ‘surrounding me’ won’t quietness me, twist me or bargain me.”

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