Watch the video of how a Unilag Student Confesses To Be A Mermaid

In a video being coursed on the web, understudies could be seen standing and shouting in stun outside the lobby as the green-haired young lady, distinguished as Blessing was being whisked away into a Hilux van by security agents so as to abstain from getting lynched. 

A brief review by another understudy of the foundation says: 

“A young lady named Blessing who is being hunched down by Olamide in Fagunwa corridor had a misconception with her. The misconception was brought about by a missing wristwatch. After losing her neckband, Olamide suspected Blessing and promptly asked her to leave for good from the room and furthermore composed long notes expressing and undermining her not to ever disturb the Marine spirits honestly expressing that she is one of them. This announcement and notes composed by the “mammy water” started hypotheses that she was a genuine water goddess. Her flat mates said that she just showers toward the beginning of the day, after waking, her bed is constantly splashed, she awakens to drench and pour water on her leg, appealing to an accessory over her bed each morning. 

“These announcements incited her flat mates who hauled her outside while still determinedly demanding that she’s a mermaid. 

“These dissatisfactions caused her (mammy water) to uncover that the missing neckband (the one that causes battle) makes her transform into a fish. After these admissions, the Able-bodied Alpha base were then welcomed into the inn to lead her out.”


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