Nigerian Doctors Wade Into Bobrisky’s Issue

The Nigerian Medical Association has prescribed mental advising for people, including Idris Okuneye, prevalently called Bobrisky, who are guys yet have an inclination that they are females. 

The Chairman of NMA in the Federal Capital Territory and Chief Medical Director, Nyanya General Hospital, Dr Ekpe Phillips, made the suggestion in a meeting with The PUNCH in Abuja on Tuesday. 

The Federal Government had professed to have gotten a report on how Bobrisky supposedly created a ruckus at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja when he utilized a female can. 

Be that as it may, Philips, an expert gynecologist and master in conceptive wellbeing, said a different latrine office would be better for individuals in same class as Bobrisky. 

Philips stated, “Nigeria is hostile to gay and this was what neutralized ex-President Goodluck Jonathan while the West conflicted with him. Nature has just distinguished who will be who and you can’t currently be what your identity is. 

“In this way, in my very own view, it isn’t about Bobrisky feeling he is a lady, it is about others realizing that he isn’t a lady. They need to make another latrine or somewhere else for the individuals who were conceived men and chose to state they are ladies and the individuals who were conceived ladies and chose to be men. These are individuals that can work in that kind of life. 

“The main wellbeing suggestion is that he can’t capacity like the ordinary lady from birth, he doesn’t have uterus and belly. Regardless he has capacity to impregnate, if his penis is still there. 

“With all due regard, a portion of these individuals are liars. Bobrisky could be accomplishing those things for open picture outside, in the mean time, he’s an out and out man. He has not uncovered the image of his genitals for us to realize that he really did transgender. 

“As specialists, we might not have a feeling since it is a questionable region. Be that as it may, what specialists recognize is organic male and natural female. The individuals who are guys and have an inclination that they are females need mental directing. It is just when you are brought into the world a bisexual that you can now picked the one you wish to be.”

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