Mercedes-Benz Guard Provides Special Protection ex-manufacturing plant for Over Nine Decades

Extravagant solace, broad individualisation alternatives and incorporated most extreme security ex-processing plant: this is what Mercedes-Benz Guard depend on, as indicated by the automaker.

The first Mercedes-Benz vehicle with uncommon insurance was a renowned Pullman Saloon in the Nürburg 460 (W 08) arrangement presented in 1928. This vehicle and two heavily clad Model 770 “Thousand Mercedes” Pullman Saloons requested by the Japanese Emperor in 1930 were the first instances of these extremely unique cars. For over nine decades, governments, delegated heads and organizations have set their trust in unique insurance vehicles bearing the incredibly famous star. The current Mercedes-Benz Guard models give most extreme assurance up to Class VR10, and are exceptionally advanced items at the most elevated specialized level. The Guard manufactory likewise makes various individualisation choices accessible. It is additionally conventional for Mercedes-Benz to supply Guard vehicles for universal events, for example, state gatherings, summit gatherings and get-togethers critical.

An unparalleled mix of extraordinary ascribes is the way in to the accomplishment of the Mercedes-Benz Guard run. From one perspective the unique insurance models fulfill the most noteworthy security guidelines accessible for regular citizen vehicles, and give full all-round assurance. Then again they cosset their tenants with trademark S-Class comfort, the most noteworthy dynamic and aloof security and unlimited everyday appropriateness.

Coordinated exceptional assurance by Mercedes-Benz Guard makes this conceivable. For instance, all the defensive components for the entryways, back divider, side segments, rooftop and firewall are not along these lines introduced in a previously completed vehicle, however incorporated into the bodyshell in a different generation procedure directly from the beginning. To this end the models in the Guard family are imagined and grew together with the unprotected variations from the start. Potential shortcomings are distinguished by broad tests during the improvement procedure, and checked by the pros.

Centered driver wellbeing preparing by Mercedes-Benz acquaints clients and escorts with the taking care of capacities of the Guard models. This is incorporated into the vehicle cost. They additionally get guidance in the unique specialized highlights and frameworks.

Incorporated uncommon security and an exceptionally powerful blend of materials

Every one of the measures depend on the numerous long periods of experience of Mercedes-Benz in the designing of extraordinary assurance vehicles. All fortifying components made of exceptional steel amalgams and other high-quality materials are as of now coordinated in holes between the bodyshell and outside skin during the body creation stage, explicitly strengthening the essential structure. Joints and material advances include astutely planned material covers. Pertinent zones of the underbody are ensured by defensive layer exceptionally produced for these vehicles.

The coating is a fixed and significant piece of the defensive measures. Here as well, the material and thickness meet the high prerequisites of the assurance classification concerned.

The inward surfaces of the glass are covered with polycarbonate for fragment security. In spite of their far reaching defensive impact, they offer generally excellent perceivability.

This strong blend gives exceptionally viable inhabitant security against assaults.

The inside remains for all intents and purposes unaffected by the complex and in fact advanced insurance framework, and offers the tenants unhindered solace – not at all like vehicles with in this manner introduced protection plating. Normally the suspension, brakes, springs and help frameworks are adjusted for the extra weight and guarantee close standard taking care of qualities with great solace.

It is a piece of the defensive idea that models with uncommon insurance are just recognizable from their standard generation partners on investigation.

Various extraordinary specialized highlights additionally guarantee that they stay versatile during and after an assault, and can leave the risk region as quickly as could be expected under the circumstances.

To this end the ground-breaking, high-torque V12 motor makes 390 kW (530 hp) and 830 newton meters accessible at 1900 rpm.

Uncommon things of gear are accessible for the Mercedes-Benz Guard models, for instance:

crisis natural air framework shielding tenants from the entrance of smoke or aggravation gases

self-actuating fire quencher framework

official gear, for example alarm, spinning reference points and two-way radio

crisis starter battery

effectively worked frenzy caution framework

outer correspondence framework (amplifier/mouthpiece)

Numerous legislatures, organizations and associations likewise accept the open door for a point by point generation discourse about the arranged Guard vehicle. Along these lines Mercedes-Benz can consider extraordinary wishes and necessities from the beginning, and recommend explicit arrangements.

Mercedes-Benz Guard accreditations VR9 and VR10

Three Mercedes-Benz Guard models are accessible.

Mercedes-Maybach S 650 Guard (joined fuel utilization 18.4 l/100 km, consolidated CO2 outflows 421 g/km): this has the most elevated VR10 ballistic assurance class at present accessible for regular citizen vehicles, and speaks to the zenith for non military personnel exceptional security vehicles. Since its debut in 2015 it has been the main arrangement generation cantina to have this characterization ex plant.

Mercedes-Maybach S 650 Pullman Guard (consolidated fuel utilization 20.6 l/100 km, joined CO2 discharges 473 g/km): since 2018 this has been the world’s just long-wheelbase state limousine with defensive layer assurance ex production line, and has Class VR9 ballistic insurance.

Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard (joined fuel utilization 18.4 l/100 km, consolidated CO2 emanations 421 g/km): in 2014 this was the principal vehicle to be completely guaranteed for Class VR9 ballistic assurance.

All models have official affirmation from the proofhouse in Ulm, and meet the necessities of BRV 2009, rendition 2 (Bullet Resistant Vehicles). In this test the body and windows must withstand shoot from an attack rifle utilizing protective layer penetrating ammo. Contrasted and VR9, defensive measures as per VR10 withstand an approx. 20 percent higher entrance power.

All models likewise adequately shield their inhabitants from unstable gadgets. The rooftop, floor and sides meet the criteria of Guideline ERV 2010 (Explosive Resistant Vehicles).

Mercedes-Maybach S 650 Guard

In the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, the flawlessness of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class meets up with the selectiveness of Maybach: this top-class cantina consolidates conventional tastefulness with ultra-present day comfort, and passes on the stature of quietness. Its stately appearance underscores this from each edge. Its length of 5462 millimeters and wheelbase of 3365 millimeters are 200 millimeters more than those of a long-wheelbase S-Class Saloon.

The expanded size advantages the back travelers, as do the Executive seats on the left and right as standard, in addition to further, elite subtleties. The liberal openness and configuration transform the inside into both a multifunctional working condition and a restrictive salon. There is a wide decision of high-grade materials for the inside, and the scope of individualisation alternatives is very gigantic: the emphasis is on the client’s desires.

Mercedes-Maybach S 650 Pullman Guard

The Mercedes-Maybach S 650 Pullman is the embodiment of top of the line extravagance. It consolidates liberal roominess with interesting inside contacts. Celebrity travelers situated toward movement have two Executive seats as standard, and can appreciate the most liberal legroom in this fragment in addition to very helpful access and departure. In run of the mill Pullman style, the four back travelers are situated in contradicted situates behind the electrically retractable segment.

Similar to the case with the incredible Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman (W 100), the liberal components of the Mercedes-Maybach S 650 Pullman announce its exceptional status. With a length of around 6500 millimeters, the Pullman is another 1053 millimeters longer than the Mercedes‑Maybach S‑Class. The wheelbase is a stately 4418 millimeters. At 1598 millimeters, the Pullman is additionally 100 millimeters higher than the Mercedes S‑Class, giving perceptibly more headroom.

Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class similarly consolidates work with way of life at the most significant level. Materials, atmosphere and workmanship in the inside satisfy the assorted prerequisites of an extravagance cantina. The 3165-millimeter wheelbase of the long form and a general length of 5255 millimeters take into account an inside with liberal measurements. A wide scope of individualisation alternatives is additionally accessible for the S-Class.

It is likewise part of the DNA of a S-Class to show mechanical advancements at no other time found in a car in this structure, for example in the zone of driver help frameworks or solace highlights.

Extraordinary security vehicles for more than 90 years

For over 90 years, Mercedes-Benz has made a case for an exceptional status regarding individual insurance. This custom is likewise a one of a kind history of developments. This is on the grounds that the defensive measures are constantly grown explicitly for the model being referred to, and furthermore keep pace with specialized advances to give the most ideal security.

It was with the Model Nürburg 460 of 1928 that the then Daimler-Benz AG was the main organization to begin outfitting its cantinas with exceptional security ex industrial facility, in order to adequately shield the tenants from assaults utilizing guns and hazardous gadgets. Mercedes-Benz additionally grew uncommonly ensured variants of resulting extravagance and distinction models, for example, the Model 770 “Thousand Mercedes” and the 500 and the 540 K models. The Japanese head Hirohito picked a defensively covered “Terrific Mercedes” as an individual vehicle befitting his status – this model conveyed in 1935 would now be able to be respected at the  Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart.

Numerous legislators and heads of state pursued the sovereign’s model and endowed their wellbeing and security to Mercedes-Benz uncommon assurance vehicles. In September 1963 Mercedes-Benz introduced another, restrictive renown model for the best standards – the amazing Model 600. Soon after this introduction, the German government moved toward Daimler-Benz AG with a solicitation for a heavily clad variant for state visitors. This was the beginning of another period in exceptional insurance for the architects in Stuttgart, and new methodologies were required – somewhat in light of the at this point ordinary unibody structure of vehicles. As no other German car producer had the option to give defensively covered vehicles ex production line, and Mercedes-Benz cantinas had a high notoriety among governments around the globe, a cozy relationship created between the German specialists and Daimler-Benz. Over the span of this, the brand started various new specialized methodologies. The escalated collaboration gave the premise to the present European guidelines for the diverse obstruction classes. 

At the point when an enormous interest for unique security vehicles emerged in Latin America in 1970, Daimler-Benz AG had a reasonable answer with protected 280 SEL 3.5 vehicles. Mercedes-Benz likewise created unique assurance renditions of the eight-chamber W 116-arrangement models and conveyed them to chose clients, among them state foundations and governments in Europe and abroad. 

Since 1980 and regardless, all ages of the S-Class (model arrangement 126, 140, 220, 221) and the present model (222 arrangement) have in every case likewise been accessible in exceptional insurance variants. 

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