67-year-old Lagos Landlord Impregnates 14-Year-Old Girl (Photo)

A youthful Glory (nom de plume) expected parenthood at 14 when her companions are tutoring in the wake of getting polluted and impregnated by 67-year-old landowner on Legacy Road, Ayobo, Lagos State, one Sanni Arowolo otherwise known as Matagbamole, as indicated by a report by Punch.

It was accumulated that the episode occurred after the essential five student had visited Arowolo’s home to gather a plate.

Punch discovered that Glory’s auntie, recognized basically as Bose, had leased a shop from Arowolo where she sold beans.

Brilliance was said to be responsible for the shop at some point in February when her auntie was nowhere to be found. Arowolo supposedly moved toward her that day on the affection that he needed to purchase nourishment and requested that her tail him into his space to gather a plate.

City Round accumulated that the young lady asked her more youthful sister, who was at the shop with her, to pursue Arowolo yet the man declined, demanding that Glory ought to go with him.

On getting into his room, the sexagenarian purportedly bolted the entryway and powerfully engaged in sexual relations with the young lady, taking steps to murder her on the off chance that she uncovered the episode to her auntie.

Magnificence, it was found out, hushed up about the attack until in April when her auntie saw that she was pregnant.

Bose told our reporter that after much influence, Glory opened up that it was Arowolo who impregnated her.

She stated, “It is something that truly makes me extremely upset each time I consider it. The man was amicable to us. We related with one another as dad and little girl. I never expected he could accomplish a wonder such as this.

“I discovered that he needed to purchase beans that day and requested that Glory go to his space for a plate. Greatness sent her sister to gather the plate yet he demanded she should come. In regard for an old man, she in the long run tailed him to gather the plate. She held up at the doorstep and the man requested that her go in and pick a plate from the crate. As she was looking through the bushel, the man shut the entryway and strongly engaged in sexual relations with her.

“A short time later, the man whined to me that she was ill bred and that she never again welcomed her. I beseeched him and even requested that he rebuff her at whatever point she wronged him. On occasion, I would beat her for slighting him. At some point in April, I saw that she was pregnant. I spoke to her to disclose to me who was liable for it and he referenced the man’s name. That was the point at which I understood why she carried on like that to him. I asked her for what good reason she didn’t reveal to me the man debased her. She said he took steps to murder him.”

The lady expressed that she included her relatives in the issue and it was accounted for at the Ikotun Police Station, prompting Arowolo’s capture.

Arowolo, be that as it may, denied contaminating the young lady and was going to be discharged by the police when a human rights gathering, Advocate for Children and Vulnerable Persons, interceded.

He was in the long run accused of pollution at an Ogba officers’ court and remanded in jail.

The young lady brought forth an infant kid on Saturday, October 5.

“As God would have it, the kid takes after him. One of the man’s youngsters even told the police that Glory was 19 years of age and they were attempting to privately address any outstanding issues. She was in Primary five since she began school late.

“The man has a spouse however she was not around that day. She is a merchant who as a rule goes through days out traveling before returning home. His significant other was imploring us to excuse him. I needed to shut down my shop out of disgrace,” the auntie included.

Magnificence told City Round that her jeans were loaded up with bloodstains after Arowolo polluted her, adding that whenever she needed to reveal to her auntie about the episode, the passing danger kept her from doing as such.

She related, “Baba (Arowolo) went to our shop early that morning and said he needed to purchase nourishment. I was shocked in light of the fact that Baba doesn’t regularly eat around then. I considered one of my two more youthful sisters to tail him and gather the plate yet can’t. I requested that my other sister tail him, despite everything he won’t.

“I at that point tailed him and held up at the doorstep. I requested that he bring the plate however he instructed me to pick it inside the bushel. As I needed to pick it, he shut the entryway and instructed me to take off my garments. I asked him what he implied yet he shut me up.

“He pushed me on the floor and secured my mouth. He rested (debased) with me and I was seeping from my genitals. I was hesitant to tell my mummy since he had just taken steps to murder and cover me at the burial ground alongside his home. Whenever I needed to tell my mummy (Bose), I would be in stun and would advise her not to stress once more.”

Arowolo is still in jail authority while the following suspended date is scheduled for November 2019.

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