The Burial service for Robert Mugabe was announced to be conducted on September 15

The Zimbabwean government designs a state memorial service for long-term ruler 

Robert Mugabe in a games arena in Harare next Saturday, with a 

internment service a day later, it said in a notice sent to consulates on 


Zimbabweans have been confounded about when they would get the chance to pay their 

last regards to Mugabe since his passing in a Singapore emergency clinic on 

Friday after a long ailment. 

Mugabe had commanded Zimbabwean governmental issues for right around four decades from 

autonomy in 1980 until he was expelled by his own military in a 

November 2017 upset. 

Venerated by numerous individuals as a deliverer who liberated his kin from white 

minority rule, Mugabe was criticized by others for destroying one of 

Africa’s most encouraging economies and mercilessly pulverizing his 


President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who worked intimately with Mugabe for 

decades before removing him, conceded Mugabe the status of a 

national legend inside hours of his demise. 

The notice sent by Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to consulates 

in Harare and seen by Reuters said the burial service would be in the 

National Sports Stadium however did not determine where the entombment would be. 

It said heads of state would be required to leave the arena 

following the burial service function since authorities would be occupied 

with arrangements for the internment. 

The Zimbabwe Independent paper announced a month ago that Mugabe 

would not like to be covered at National Heroes Acre – a site saved for 

the nation’s legends – in light of the fact that he felt mad about the manner in which he was 

expelled from power, Reuters report.

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