10 signs your Boyfriend is Using you and not Interested in You

When a man was one attracted to you and ends up ghosting you like you don’t exist its always natural to feel bad about this because relationships are not forever.

There are a lot of ways to tell if a guy is not Interested in you but using you. 
1. Lack of communication
This is one of the Problem of relationships nowadays, If he is the type of man that calls you, texts you all the time but he stopped confront him, ask him why and make things work out between you both and if he says it’s over, Move on.
2. Short conversations
if you notice he does not chat nor talk the way he usually does take note of that. Mostly some men has their reasons for this.
3. They disappear or ghost you for a period of time
There is always a feeling if a man truly wants to be with you and also spend his rest of life with you.
Well, the advise is don’t get bothered if he ghosts you or cheating on you keep your self busy with things focus on your life, make your dreams come true and show him he does not worth you.
4. They don’t ask about your life
There is this adage that says, If a man is truly Interested in you, he goes to the extent of not only knowing you but your family and friends. 
If a man does not ask you about your life end that relationship with him because they are not Interested in knowing you and they are just using you for the main time.
5. He asks for too much favors
In every relationships, Its not bad for the man to ask his woman for help and its not bad for a woman to ask her man for help but if he asks for favors too much, He is using you because of your money and toying your heart. End the relationship before it’s too late.
Although its not the right for a woman to be giving a man money if he truly loves his woman, He won’t ask for too much favors.
Most men in this categories are called “Players” they make sure they drain their women “Emotionally, Mentally and also Financially”.
6. They give excuses and avoid spending time with you
Being single does not mean you won’t be happy. If your man seems unhappy whenever he is with you that is a “Red Flag”. Obviously he is happy with another lady and he isn’t proud of you.
7. He doesn’t Introduce you to his Family and Friends
If a man tells you he told his family about you, Tag it as a Big “Lie” If he truly wants you to meet his Family, he won’t be slagging about the issue if he loves you, he will let you meet his family. Most ladies are victim of this because most men has lied to them about telling their woman about their family spending years waiting you keep asking he keeps saying soon you will meet them. End that Relationship, he isn’t just using you but he is wasting your time. There are better men out there.
8. They Only want to have Int*rcourse with you
How on earth will a man and woman be in relationship without being Romantic? No deep talks? lets just stay in the bed? he does not want to go to cinemas, dates. If that is what your partner asks you off its a Big “No”  because he is not attracted to you mentally, physically and spiritually. This men in this category have “Side Chics” they keep you as an alternative. If you are in this type of relationship move on life is short.
9. They don’t have plans nor speak about the future 
When a man and woman comes together to fall in love and if the man truly wants you to be his woman, He will definitely sit you down and talk about his plans and what he wants to build with you in the future.
Fine men with Different Personalities but a true and good man who really wants to have kids with his woman will make sure they both have future. If your partner does not talk about this, Please end that relationship.
10. He Ignores your calls or messages
This is one of the biggest problem in all Relationships. Questions like is he still Interested in me? He is Online but he does not reply me when i text him? I call him he always claim he is busy but he leaves me on read in his Whatsapp messages? You text me I love you he refuses to reply?
Girl move on, If he truly loves you why would he ignore your messages? why would he claim he is always busy when he knows he has a woman he is dating? No matter how a man is busy he should have time for the woman he claim to love. Stop thinking about this because he doesn’t have time for you but he has time to chat, call smile with other woman. It hurts but give a space in your heart because better men are out there and will look at you and say “You are the most beautiful woman i have ever met” and your ex will be pained because he lose a golden jewel.

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